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SPW Construction Engineering only uses the best quality equipment for all surveying and setting out tasks undertaken and, in order to achieve this, insist on using the very latest Leica instruments. Leica are considered to be the best in the business and, with the added benefit of renowned Swiss technology, always prove to be highly reliable and accurate, regardless of the challenging conditions they are put through.

Total stations - The total stations used by SPW Construction Engineering are the fully robotic Leica TS15 coupled with CS15 field controllers. These instruments are capable of positioning accuracies to fractions of a millimetre and come with the added benefit of reflectorless technology, allowing readings to be taken at over 400m without a prism. Ideal for those inaccessible areas of the survey.

GNSS - The Global Navigation Satellite Systems used by SPW Construction Engineering are the industry proven Leica GS14 receivers, used in conjunction with the CS15 controllers. These GNSS receivers can connect to a RTK correction service, which has excellent coverage throughout the UK, allowing the receiver to record measurements of +/- 10mm almost anywhere in the UK. Just switch them on and go! The RTK corrections are provided via Leica Smartnet, accessed through a mobile phone network, which constantly monitors and streams live satellite data taken from GPS and GLONASS satellites. This technology is set to improve even further when the latest Galileo satellite network is launched and added to the mix.

Ground Modelling Software - SPW Construction Engineering has achieved great results using the professional Survey Master software package, which is able to produce a great looking survey from which .dwg and .dxf files can be exported for use in other software, as required. The software is a powerful tool and is able to compute accurate volumes for earthwork calculations and export highly detailed 3D images of the completed survey. Most electronic formats of the survey can be created to satisfy your requirements and provide a fully flexible surveying solution.