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Site Engineering Case Studies

East Melksham Development Section 38 As-Built Plan

During the process of adoption, many local authorities now require an as-built drawing of the finished work.  Such was the case at East Melksham where Barratt Homes needed their Section 38 plan producing for submission to the local authority.  Working via a specialist groundworks sub-contractor to Barratt, I was able to produce the fully approved plan, working strictly in accordance with the requirements from all parties concerned.

East Melksham Section 38 As-Built Plan

East Melksham Development Section 104 As-Built Plan

In addition to providing Section 38 drawings, as shown in the previous case, clients also require an as-built survey of the drainage network which is being offered up for adoption, commonly referred to as Section 104 work.  In this particular case, Persimmon Homes needed to provide such a survey for Wessex Water, the local authority for the East Melksham project.  I was able to produce this for them, covering all phases of the project, which was then fully approved and accepted, concluding this requirement for my client.

East Melksham Section 104 As-Built Plan

Trood Lane Recycling Centre Stockpile Volume Plan

Based on the outskirts of Exeter, the Trood Lane Recycling Centre specialises in importing and processing demolition waste material from projects within the area in order to create a reusable material for use on new-build construction work.  Different grades of material are created and stockpiled at the centre, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also works out significantly cheaper for the end user.  In this particular case, I was tasked with providing a fully detailed plan of how much material was stored at the site within each stockpile for my client's valuation and stock control purposes.

Trood Lane Stockpile Volume Plan