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Surveying Case Studies

Weston Wake Park Topographical Survey

This example of a topographical survey was carried out for a client with the intention of creating a brand new water skiing and wake boarding park on the outskirts of Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.  The project would involve a large scale cut & fill exercise in order to form several new lakes for the venue.  In addition to surveying all of the existing site features, I was also asked to determine what the cut & fill volumes would be, taking in to consideration the large quantities of earth already stored on the site.

Weston Wake Park topographical survey

Brook Farm Topographical Survey

The requirement with this case was to produce a topographical survey of the land adjacent to Brook Farm and the River Thames, within the Cotswold Water Park, in order for the client to be able to determine a suitable route for a new, underground rising main which will link in to a nearby pumping station.  The new services will eventually lead to a new water-ski clubhouse, situated at a nearby lake.

Brook Farm topographical survey

Cranbrook Phase 2 Cut & Fill Earthwork Calculation

With this particular case study, I was approached by a specialist groundwork contractor to provide an accurate computation of the quantity of earth that would be produced during the reduced formation level excavation work. Once the quantities were worked out, by creating a 3D model of the existing and proposed site, then comparing the two against each other, my client had an accurate figure for the cut & fill work which they could submit confidently within their tender.  Of course, the same principle works for stage valuations during a live project when my client needs to be sure of how much work has been completed.

Cranbrook Phase 2 Cut & Fill Earthwork Calculation